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Yoruno · Kurayami

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Well now. Good evening.

I'm going to take a moment of my time and update the good folks on the Network about my recruitment efforts at the Hoenn branch of the Pokemon League.

I've snatched up a few individuals that have already been trained and put into active duty as security guards.

That means no horsin' around, kids. We're watchin' you.

One particular fella, though... I haven't worked with 'em yet.

I believe ya'll know him. His name's Wes.

I'll have to get to work on him pretty soon. I could use some experienced people on my force.

Anyway, enough of this. If any of you folks feel the need to protect, come see me. I can still use some extra hands.

* * *
Ah, time flies, doesn't it kids?

Seems like only yesterday I was writin' in this thing.

Then that damned flu broke out.

Reckon I was lucky it didn't get to me. Put a lot of my officers out of commission, though.

Irritatin' virus.

At any rate, I did, unfortunately, have a few officers die. Such that it is, I'm scourin' this board now to recruit.

Ever wanted to work in law enforcement?



This isn't it. It's nittier and grittier, people. You wouldn't believe the kind of people that try to get into the league sometimes. I need good, strong people to serve under me and keep this place safe durin' tournaments, festivals and everythin' else the top league brass decide to throw down.

Think y'got what it takes?

Gimme a hollar.

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Well now. I've had this thing for a few weeks, but I've not bothered to open it up.

I reckon I should remedy that.

My personal life is virtually non-existent, though. Not much fun to write about ... Well, nothin'.

Therefore, I'll keep everyone informed about my changes to the security policies at the Pokemon League. Nothing too detailed, of course. I'm just goin' to say what I'm implimenting to make everyone safer. The good people have a right to know who's keeping them safe at the league, after all.

I've ordered the security database to be revised and expanded to include all armed personnel on the premesis. Should someone enter the league building with an unauthrozied weapon, we'll know about it.

Let that be a warning.

I'll not tolerate violence in my building. Y'got a dispute? Pistols at dawn ... Off the league grounds. Blow each other away in Petalberg Forest. I could care less.

Do it on my ground, though, and I'll see you banned from the league.

Well now. Have a nice day.
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